since 1994

Especial Frutas

Established in Alfeizerão in 1994, in the heart of the demarcated region of ‘Maçã de Alcobaça’, Especial Frutas is a company that trades and produces fruit and vegetables with high turnover, a sustainable growth rate of 10% per year and significant investments in agricultural production. The company currently owns over 100 hectares and modern storage facilities.

We operate in the Mercado Abastecedor de Coimbra and serve clients, from north to south, in mainland Portugal and the islands. We have focused heavily on exports since 2013. Brazil is currently our main market, followed by Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Spain.

In the next 10 years we intend to double our capacity, through reliable partnerships with producers on the west coast of Portugal, to maintain the high quality standards of our products, be a benchmark for job creation and one of the major drivers of agricultural production in the region. We aim to conquer new markets and increase exports from 45% to 70% of our capacity, supplying our finest fruit – apples and Rocha pears – to every corner of the globe.

We believe in solid and genuine partnerships and a work philosophy built on expertise, knowledge and human values. We value transparency, honesty, trust, dedication and total commitment to teamwork as the only way to achieve the best results. We are always focused on keeping our clients completely satisfied, always driven by a deep passion for what we do.

45% Exported

the region

Especial Frutas is at the epicentre of the demarcated area of the region where Alcobaça apples are produced. It is located near the Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park, northeast of Cabo Carvoeiro and 5 minutes from the bay of São Martinho. This location tends to create microclimates characterised by thick spring fog and maximum summer temperature of 26 °C. A geographic area with unique geological and weather characteristics for cultivating high-quality fruit, with excellent firmness, pronounced sweetness, and the right colour.


Taking into account the highest production standards and based on a commitment of respect for nature and for balanced ecosystems, Especial Frutas operates under an Integrated Production system. In 2017, we implemented the GLOBAL G.A.P. standard, encompassing the whole process, from production to storage. With our sights set on the future in terms of market globalisation, and the quality and safety of our product, we thus obtained our latest certification.

Especial Frutas is also certified by CERTIF, in the process of containerised cargo weighing (under Decree-Law 51/2016, and resolution no. 21/2017 of the IMT).

alcobaça apple

Maçã de Alcobaça

Thanks to our strict quality control, we are an acknowledged member of the Clube Maçã de Alcobaça, providing the customer with a highly selective product honoured with the quality label ‘Maçã de Alcobaça IGP’.